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The majesty and courage of the lion are reflected in this candle, reminding us of the inner strength we all possess. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this candle symbolizes bravery, determination, and leadership.


🕯 Soy Wax Scented Candle 🕯
- 100% natural ingredients 🍃 smokeless
- Does not contain paraffin*
- Intend to do every step with heart
- Candles in various shapes, cute, very minimal.
- Used to decorate the house, decorate the room / give as a gift Guarantee that everyone will like it for sure.


* Because the products in the shop are handmade products
Colors and patterns may have some slight discrepancies*

If you have any questions, ask for more information.
The shop is very happy to serve you. :)



Size: Height 13cm | Width 11cm 


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