Does MIA Candles studio collaborate with bloggers/influencers?

Absolutely! MIA Candles Studio  has been a fan of the blogging community since  we start. We're always open to new ideas, and adore people who love to express themselves through their personal style. Please contact us WITH A PROPOSITION of how you would like to work together. A specific idea for a shoot, a style roundup you're working on, etc. as long as it's specific. 

Send us a email to: contact@miacandless.com

Or a DM to our Instagram: @miacandless_th


How do I know you received my order?

As soon as your order is received you will receive an e-mail or SMS from us confirming it has been received (whichever option you chose at checkout). If you left your contact info blank we will not be able to contact you with your order info. 

When your order ships you will receive another email confirmation. These messages will go to the email address or phone number you entered on your order. If for some reason you did not receive an email please check your spam folder.


Will I have to pay taxes or duties when I receive my order?

Short answer: International orders- maybe
Thailand (Domestic) orders: ABSOLUTELY NO.

Long answer: The items you ordered may be subject to import duties (taxes) which are charged once your order reaches your country. We do not collect these fees on behalf of foreign governments, you will be charged at the time your order enters your country, before you receive your package. 

The amount of duties and taxes vary a lot from country to country and even from category to category (ie a pillow vs. a planter) as well as the overall value of your order (ie some countries only charge duties on purchases over a certain amount). Contact your country's customs office to get the specific amounts and percentages, or if you do a LOT of online shopping, maybe it's time to hire a customs brokerage service for yourself!

MIA Candles Studio has no input or control regarding these taxes, since it is completely at the discretion of YOUR country's government and the policies they decide to put in place, which means they can even change as government policies change. Please note that packages can also be delayed in customs, which is up to the discretion of the individual customs agent and also varies by country. We print all documentation required by our shipping provider to ensure that all info needed is included in all packages, however sometimes random checks can cause delays. Again, this varies from country to country.


Can you mark my order as a gift so I can avoid paying these fees?

Now that you're reading it out loud you probably already know the answer to this. Clearly no, we cannot break the law. We must declare all items and their correct values on all customs forms.


How I can I contact you?

Email: contact@miacandless.com

Snail Mail: 193/318 Moo 10, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi , Thailand 20150